Digital Loudspeaker and Network Management System

The Merlin digital loudspeaker and network management system is designed to control and drive professional, multi-channel loudspeaker systems from complex, high-end touring systems to distributed installed systems.

제품 특징
  • 4 inputs/10 outputs - selectable analogue or AES/EBU
  • U-NET control network using a CAT-5 based, fault-tolerant redundant ring
  • Proprietary VU-NET software for computer control, via Ethernet.
  • Control up to 254 devices in a U-NET audio networked system
  • 8 parametric filters on each input and output-peaking, shelving, or vari-Q HPF/LPF
  • 6 to 48dB/oct crossover filters on each output
  • High quality digital audio: ultra-low noise AD/DA converters with 24–bit resolution/96kHz sample rate. Better than 116dB dynamic range
  • Mixed Point™ internal processing uses optimised mix of floating and fixed point processing in the signal path
  • Fixed low latency regardless of processing: 2.8ms analogue in to analogue out, 3.47mS AES in to AES out
  • Up to 1 second delay from input to output in 2.6µS (<1mm) increments
  • Global mains operation
  • Front panel interface for stand-alone use
  • Analogue line drive capability in excess of 150m. AES3 line drive capability of 100m
제품 적용
  • Line array loudspeaker management
  • Distributed loudspeaker system management
  • Control of U-NET devices

Merlin is a digital matrix processor configured as a 4-input/10-output, 1U device with accompanying VU-NET™ software. Any input or group of inputs can be routed to any output and VU-NET provides full control of Merlin via an intuitive graphical user interface running on a wired PC or wireless tablet.

Merlin can form the heart of a networked sound system with control of up to 254 U-NET™ equipped devices using VU-NET control software via a wired or wireless Ethernet connection. For simplicity and flexibility, Merlin can also be controlled directly from the front panel.

Merlin is the perfect front-end for line array systems, providing the full complement of loudspeaker management tools, such as crossover filters, parametric EQ, delay, gain and limiting.


                                                                                                   Merlin Controller Front & Back

Merlin features 4 analogue balanced XLR inputs with A/D conversion performed by ultra-high quality 24-bit converters running at 96kHz with 64-bit processing. The 10 analogue outputs similarly feature 24-bit D/A converters running at96kHz and are capable of driving lines in excess of 150 metres between control and amplifier locations.

To ensure the highest audio quality throughout, input and output converters with the same apparent technical specification were auditioned early in the design stage to select the ones which gave the most highly detailed, wide dynamic audio path. As an alternative to analogue, the inputs and/or outputs can be switched to operate in AES/EBU mode. In this mode, the outputs have a line drive capability of 100 metres, when driven in accordance with AES/EBU 110Ω source/receiver impedance and AES/EBU 110Ω cable.