While Martin Audio’s Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array [MLA] represents the ultimate in coverage control, with individually powered and processed cells within each enclosure, the scalable resolution of WPM [Wavefront Precision Mini] offers greatly improved coverage consistency and control compared to a standard line array and provides a flexible pathway to advanced array optimisation. 

제품 특징
  • Ultra-compact line array
  • Scalable resolution for advanced array control 
  • External, dedicated, multi-channel Class D amplification
  • Industry-leading DISPLAY software interacts with DSP for highly-accurate results
  • Fast, integral 3-point flying systems for up to 16 enclosures
  • Side and rear handles for ease of handling and setting splay angles
  • 100° horizontal constant directivity pattern control

제품 장점
  • Consistent coverage achieved ‘straight-out-of-the-box’
  • DISPLAY intelligent software reduces set-up time and eliminates trial-and-error
  • Improved audience coverage with reduced sound-spill
제품 적용
  • Touring sound reinforcement for small and medium-size venues
  •  Fixed installations in concert halls, theatres, ballrooms and HoW
  •  Sports stadium, arena installations & corporate AV events

The WPM is incredibly versatile. Its very small footprint and light weight make it the system of choice for smaller venues which require superb fidelity, coverage consistency and control from an ultra-compact line array. It is also very powerful — 12-box array will throw beyond 35 metres (115ft) and produce live music at high levels in up to 3000-seat venues. It embodies the very latest acoustic technology in an ultra-compact enclosure and is the ideal system for small-to-medium scale theatres and live music venues, AV events and installations in concert halls, ballrooms and HoW.

A passive 2-way system with an impedance of 16Ω, it can be driven in blocks of 1, 2, 3 or 4 resolution configuration. With a complement of 2 x 6.5” (165mm) LF drivers and a vertical column of 3 x 1.4” (35mm) aluminium dome HF drivers, the acoustic design of WPM is uniquely innovative. The LF drivers are located in the side walls of the HF horn — an arrangement which would introduce acoustic cavities which would degrade the horizontal dispersion if conventional cone drivers were used. WPM’s drivers adopt an elegant solution by having solid moulded diaphragms which match the contours of the horn walls and maintain the continuity of the horn profile. Each LF driver also features a demodulation ring in the neodymium motor system to minimize distortion and maximise mid-band output.

In the triple-driver HF section, each individual HF wavefront is precisely-coupled to the horn throat via a short waveguide for faultless 100° horizontal constant directivity coverage.

제품 사양 (Specification)

Three-way, bi-amp line array element
주파수 응답특성(5)
65Hz-18kHz ± 3dB            
LF: 2 x10” (250mm)/2.5” (63mm) voice coil, long excursion,
vented pole, neodymium magnet drivers, Hybrid® slot-horn loaded
MF: 2 x 5” (125mm)/1.5” (38mm) coil, neodymium magnet drivers, horn loaded
HF: 4 x 0.7” (19mm) exit neodymium magnet compression drivers, horn loaded
1 to 3 enclosures per amplifier channel            
최대 SPL (9)
135dB peak            
LF: 8Ω
MF + HF: 8Ω
100º horizontal (-6dB), 130º horizontal (-10dB)
10° vertical
440Hz active, 4.4kHz internal passive
엔클로저Vertical trapezoid with 5º wall angle, multi-laminate birch and poplar-ply construction
Black textured paint
Black HEX perforated steel
2 x NL4 type            
LF: 1+/1-
MF + HF: 2+/2-
3-point rigging system
2 x side pocket handles
2 x rear grip handles
16 enclosures in single array
(W) 772mm x (H) 319mm x (D) 421mm
35kg (77.1lbs)

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Wavefront Precision


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Wavefront Precision


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Wavefront Precision


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Wavefront Precision


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